Assam mills’ staff death toll rises to 104

Assam mills’ staff death toll rises to 104

Assam mills’ staff death toll rises to 104. The loss of life of laborers of two “shut” Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (HPCL)- claimed paper factories in Assam has gone up to 104.
Hizfur Rahman (54), a representative of Cachar Paper Mill and an occupant of Badarpur Ghat in Karimganj region, died at a nursing home in Silchar on Sunday night, The Shillong Times report expressed.
“Rahman was experiencing diabetes in any case, attributable to monetary emergency, couldn’t manage the cost of the imperative clinical treatment. He was owned up to a nursing home after he grumbled of high fever and different complexities two or three days back yet died at 7.15 pm yesterday,” Manobendra Chakraborty, leader of the Joint Action Committee of Recognized Unions (JACRU) of the Nagaon and Cachar paper plants, informed on Monday.
“Each living laborer of the two factories is spending days with deplorable affliction, stress and injury. The laborers have lost all desire to carry on with existence with respect as they can’t meet the costs of clinical treatment with their compensations neglected for the beyond 64 months,” Chakraborty said.
The lamentable occurrence comes about two or three months after the Assam government had at long last assumed control over the resources of the paper factories at Jagiroad and Panchgram with Assam Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) proclaimed as the effective bidder.
The Cachar Paper Mill at Panchgram in Hailakandi locale and Nagaon Paper Mill at Jagiroad in Morigaon have been non-utilitarian since October 2015 and March 2017 separately.
It could be noticed that albeit the Assam government had no stake in the paper factories, settling the matter on compassionate grounds has been tenaciously seeking after.
An overall help bundle of Rs 700 crore, which incorporates settlement of different remarkable duty of representatives and laborers of HPCL’s resources at Nagaon and Cachar paper factories, was presented by the public authority.
An arrangement was endorsed between the delegates of officials and managers’ affiliations and laborers associations of the HPCL (in liquidation) and the Assam government.
The help bundle of Rs 700 crore was agreed endorsement in the Cabinet meeting hung on September 30, 2021.

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