Assam: Houses of Batadrava Police Station Attackers Demolished


On Saturday, a violent and rowdy crowd set ablaze at the Batadrava police station in the Nagaon district of Assam and physically assaulted the cops.

Guwahati: Miffed over the assault on Batadrava police headquarters, the Assam Police on Sunday obliterated the places of the people who were engaged with the rush, said sources. On Saturday, a fierce and unruly group set on fire at the Batadrava police headquarters in the Nagaon locale of Assam and genuinely attacked the police. The attack comes after an individual, recognized as Safiqul Islam of Salnabari, who was supposedly gotten by police, purportedly kicked the bucket while being in guardianship at Batadrava police headquarters.

An irate horde of people were seen raging the Batadrava police headquarters in the visuals which surfaced on the web. The irate crowd went rogue when they attacked two or three police officers who were working and set the police headquarters ablaze. The law went for a throw and the crowd had definitely no respect for it. The savagery additionally prompted two cops getting harmed. “The scenes were totally unnerving as the horde of around 2,000 individuals – all kinds of people included – raged Batadrava police headquarters after the supposed demise of an individual named Safikul Islam, a fish merchant by calling, purportedly passed on in police guardianship. The crowd then began attacking the cops on the job and later set Batadrava police headquarters ablaze,” a nearby occupant said.

Extra powers were brought in to monitor what is going on and Nagaon SP Leena Doley alongside other senior authorities arrived at the spot. Afterward, police effectively distinguished three people who were essential for the crowd and they were hence captured for their inclusion in the brutality. “We have captured three people who were engaged with the savagery. This is totally unsuitable. Anything that might be the incitement, nobody can bring up regulation into their hands. We will investigate each part of the occurrence and make a move,” Nagaon SP Leena Doley said.


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