Assam floods: Wildlife affected as Orang national park reels under water, forest guards keep strict vigil


MANGALDOI: The main influx of the floods in Assam has impacted individuals, yet additionally the untamed life.

At the Orang public park in Darrang locale of Assam, natural life has been antagonistically impacted by the floods.

During a visit by this reporter to the Orang public park on Thursday, it was seen that a major region of the recreation area has been lowered by the spilling over water of the Brahmaputra River and its feeder Dhanshri.

Keeping to the side all possibilities, the forest area watches, either by strolling or elephants or boats, were seen keeping an extreme vigil over possible advancement of poachers, who could expect to acknowledge the entryway of floods to pursue animals.

Meanwhile according to a source in the Orang recreational area in Assam, upwards of thirteen forest protection camps out of the full scale 41 have been brought down up to this point.

Nonetheless, till documenting of this report, no episode of loss of any untamed life has become visible.

The wild lives are presently taking asylum in safe high grounds of the public park.

In the mean time, the effect of this influx of flood, which had lowered the most pieces of the Orang public park in Darrang locale of Assam, is being seen as genuine in contrast with past times.

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