Assam floods: NF railway rehabilitation work is being carried out on a war footing.


Guwahati: The North Eastern Frontier Railway is now making every effort to restore the damaged line and resume train services to South Assam, Manipur, Tripura and Mizoram.

Lumding – Landslides occurred due to continuous rain in many places in Badarpur hill area. The New Haflong Station is completely submerged in rubble. An empty passenger train parked at the station has been washed away due to a massive landslide. The number of breach sites has risen to 53 today (a total of 26 locations were identified). However, restoration work at 11 sites has already been completed.
The NF Railway said today that about 1,600 railway passengers stranded at Ditokcherra station were rescued yesterday and sent to Badarpur and Selcher. Out of 1,600 passengers, 119 were evacuated by the Indian Air Force.

The stranded passenger of train number 15615 in New Haflong was transferred by bus to Maibang station. A total of 204 passengers left Maibang for Guwahati. About 169 stranded passengers left Maibang station for Guwahati at 4.30 am today.
Another 571 passengers stranded at Ditokchera station were rescued today. The last special evacuation from KM 135 to Badarpur and Silchar took place at 7:30 pm.

The North East Frontier Railway said it had successfully completed the evacuation of all stranded passengers. Coordinated efforts at all the affected stations and coordination with the local administration, Assam Rifles, Indian Air Force and NGOs have shown results in these severe and difficult weather conditions.
He rescued and rescued the stranded train passengers under the supervision of senior officers of Lumding Division and Headquarters. The staff of various departments rendered their services day and night for this excellent performance. P-way inspectors, station masters, assistant station masters, Trolleymen, and most importantly, the team’s efforts under the guidance of RPF personnel on site have saved the lives of many passengers.
Station staff also left their way to feed some passengers from their own kitchens while their homes were flooded. Railway staff at Daotuhaja station have taken shelter in the station premises due to floods.

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