Assam DGP says OC suspended over ‘custodial death’ in Nagaon


Guwahati: Assam’s Director General of Police (DGP) Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta said on Sunday that the in-charge of Batadrava police station, who was burnt to death by locals yesterday, has been suspended. ۔

Mahanta also claimed that those involved in the burning of the police station, who have a criminal record, were not grieving relatives of the deceased but were history sheeters, stressing that this was not a minor reaction and that I have much more.

“We take this unfortunate death very seriously and have suspended the OC of Batadrava police station in Nagun district. If there is any insult on our part, we mean to find it and bring the culprits to justice. Punish. There are no two ways about it, “he said.

Describing the incident in a lengthy Facebook post on the DGP’s official page, Mahanta said Mahfooz-ul-Islam, 39, was brought to the police station at 9.30 pm on May 20 when he was intoxicated.

“Later, he complained of the disease and was taken to two hospitals in a row. “Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the scene,” he said.

A mob then set fire to a police station and several two-wheelers on Saturday afternoon, alleging that the fishmonger had died as a result of police brutality.
Talking about the violence, Mahanta said, “We all know what happened after that day. Some local evil elements took the law into their own hands and set fire to the police station. These evil elements came in all forms – women. , Men, young and old. But the readiness with which they came, the mighty and systematic attack on the police force, has made us think further.

The DGP stressed that the Assam Police did not think that the attackers were harassing the relatives of the slain, but as he had identified, “they were bad characters and their relatives whose criminal record was with the police.” Was inside. Evidence, growing evidence – all burned out. So don’t think it’s a simple reaction reaction. There’s so much more to it. ”
Mahanta assured the people of Assam that although his force would not allow any policeman to be found guilty, it would take even tougher action against those who believed that they would burn down the police stations and the Indian justice system. Can be avoided.

“We will not just allow it. This will be the first and last warning for all anti-social / criminal elements,” he added.

Nagaon Superintendent of Police Lena Dolly said on Saturday that three people involved in the arson had been arrested and raids were being carried out to nab the rest.

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