Assam Congress leader joins ULFA-I


In Assam, a Congress leader has joined the banned ULFA-I rebel group led by Paresh Barua.

The Assam Congress leader who joined ULFA-I has been identified as Janardhan Gogoi.

Janardhan Gogoi is a Congress leader from Sadia in Tinsukia, Assam and vice president of the Tinsukia District Youth Congress Unit.
This development was confirmed by Janardhan Gogoi himself through a Facebook post.

Gogoi has left his home in Sadia to join the ULFA-I camp in the jungles of Myanmar.

In a letter to his wife and posted on Facebook, Janardhan Gogoi explained his reasons for joining ULFA-I.

“Some people are conspiring to destroy Assamese society. I have noticed that some political parties and so-called regional organizations are doing business in the name of Assamese society,” Gogoi said in his letter.

He added: “Today Assamese people are helpless in their own motherland. I cannot be a mere spectator of the efforts to destroy Assamese society.

This government has failed to listen to the opposition raised by the people in a democratic way. Janardhan Gogoi added that there is no alternative to armed rebellion to protect the interests of Assamese society.

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