Assam: At Kumbhirgram airport, Minor girls are captured

Assam: At Kumbhirgram airport, Minor girls are captured

Silchar: Two minor girls from south Assam’s Barak valley, who were on their way to Mumbai and Bengaluru to meet their “lovers” on Monday, were nabbed by security personnel at Kumbhirgram airport in Cachar district that day.

The two girls were picked up by security personnel at the airport, about 24 km from Silchar city, on Monday after officials found them unaccompanied and became suspicious of their body language, sources said. After taking the girls into custody, the security personnel informed the Kumbhirgram police post, after which a police team reached the airport and took the girls to the post. The sources added that the girls have been handed over to their families.
An airport source said that after the girls were picked up by security personnel at the airport, the mobile phones of the youths they were supposed to meet in Mumbai and Bengaluru were found switched off. The security officials asked the girls about the men but they did not give any information about them.

Another source said police investigations revealed that the girls were introduced to the youths on social media and later “fell in love” with them. One of the girls belongs to Joypur in Cachar district while the other girl is a resident of Kanishail in Karimganj district. The police are making inquiries (using the youths’ mobile phone numbers, which they obtained from the girls) to find out if the youths had any nefarious intentions. The police are also investigating whether there is any angle of trafficking of women in the case.It is suspected that the youths lured the girls to “fall in love” with them and the girls, being minors and unable to understand their nefarious motives, blindly believed these youths and left their families only with them. Chose to overcome all obstacles by leaving to stay. , the source added.
On December 26 last year, a minor girl from Hailakandi district, who was allegedly abducted about five months ago, was rescued from Maharashtra. Earlier in December last year, six minor girls from Assam were rescued from the clutches of human traffickers in different parts of the country.

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