Assam: 6 Accused Arrested In Connection With Batadrava Attack Sent To Police Custody


Guwahati: The six prime denounced captured in the association with the assault on Batadrava police headquarters have been shipped off four-day police guardianship. The police have kept upwards of 22 individuals and captured six people remembering two people for setting the police headquarters for fire and annihilating significant case documents. They were shipped off police authority after police created them in court on Monday. The captured people were recognized as Mujibur Rahman, Rafiqul Islam, Anwar Hussain, Rashida Khatun, Sabina Khatun (minor), and Anwar Hussain.

On Saturday, a rough and boisterous group set burning at the Batadrava police headquarters in the Nagaon area of Assam and genuinely attacked the police. The attack came after an individual named Safiqul Islam, who was supposedly gotten by police, allegedly kicked the bucket while being in care at Batadrava police headquarters. An angry crowd of people were seen raging the Batadrava police headquarters in the visuals which surfaced on the web. The furious horde went rogue when they attacked several police officers who were on the job and set the police headquarters ablaze.

In the mean time, Assam Special Director General of Police (DGP), Law and Order, GP Singh on Sunday said that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) will be shaped to explore the assault on Batadrava police headquarters. Singh who visited the police headquarters took the supply of the circumstance and furthermore declared that individuals engaged with this wrongdoing will be managed stringently under the law. ”Seven individuals have been captured while 15 individuals have been confined regarding the assault on Batadraba police headquarters. SIT will be shaped with regards to this issue,” expressed Singh while tending to the media. captured regarding batadrava-assault shipped off police-guardianship 593307

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