Assam: 26 Rohingyas traveling from Jammu detained in Silchar


Silchar:  26 Rohingyas traveling from Jammu detained in Silchar 26 Rohingyas, including 12 children from Myanmar traveling from Jammu, were detained by police on Central Road in Silchar, South Assam on Saturday.

According to reports, the Rohingyas were detained when they were found traveling without any valid documents.
Cachar Superintendent of Police Ramandeep Kaur said a police patrol team arrested the Rohingyas around 2pm on Saturday night. “A police patrol team spotted the suspicious movement of a group of people, including children, on Central Road around 2am. They were found traveling in three different cars. After contacting the police, they He could not provide any valid documents after which he was taken into custody.
The corps said that the preliminary investigation revealed that he had come to Guwahati by train from Jammu on Saturday.

“Initial investigations revealed that someone had spoken to Silchar on the phone and asked him to come to Selcher. We are now investigating the details of the person who told him to come to Silchar .” “After a thorough investigation, we will know about their plans and intentions regarding the arrival of Silchar ,” he said.
The SP said that there are some agents in Katigorah area of ​​Cachar district who help illegal immigrants to enter Indian territory through Indo-Bangladesh border areas and also provide them with fake documents. But the area where illegal immigrants used to cross the border has been sealed off and such activities have been stopped.

These 26 Rohingyas have been living in Jammu and Kashmir for a long time. We are trying to find out why they suddenly traveled to Rohingyas and what their real purpose is, “said SP.
A police source said 26 Myanmar nationals, including six men, eight women and 12 children, were being interrogated at the Silchar Presidential Police Station for further details and information. Find out about projects.

However, police did not provide further details.

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