As attack on villages continue food crisis in Manipur will rise

As attack on villages continue food crisis in Manipur will rise

Imphal: Irabot Foundation Manipur said that the concerned authorities should initiate serious measures for farmers to start agricultural cultivation in Manipur as the ongoing crisis may lead to food crisis if not resolved quickly.
Speaking to the media at the Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, Imphal, Foundation President Kh Gopen Luwang said that there will be a severe deficit in rice production this year which could lead to huge population starvation next year.
Next year, about 40,000 metric tons of rice will be in deficit, which means that about one lakh people will not get their fair share of rice. This is an alarming situation and if the government wants to avoid famine in Manipur, it should step on the pedal,” he said.
He highlighted that farmers in various peripheral areas were unable to cultivate rice and vegetables due to unprovoked attacks by unknown miscreants from the hills.

He added that suspected Kuki militants attack farmers who go to their fields near the foothills and this in turn discourages farmers from cultivating their lands.
He maintained that this was an alarming situation for the people in the state and urged the authorities to provide adequate security to protect farmers in such areas and resume agricultural activities.

He also condemned attacks by suspected Kuki militants on unarmed farmers who are farming to support their families and the state.”A large number of central forces personnel have been deployed in the state but they are all concentrated in the greater Imphal area whereas they should be deployed in such sensitive areas instead of providing security,” he said.

He noted the government’s recent assessment report on agricultural land in violence-affected villages, which is more than 5,000 hectares.
“The results of the foundation have added more areas to this report. There are many areas in Senjam Chirang, Wangoo, Haotak Loukon Sangomshangbi that are yet to be counted.
He said that lack of access to agricultural land in these areas will have a serious impact on the agricultural productivity of the state in the future.
“Amid the pressure to boost agricultural production in Manipur, access to these lands will prolong the food deficit in Manipur and increase the state’s dependence on central assistance,” he said.

Therefore, he appealed to the concerned authorities to take immediate steps to deal with this problem.

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