Arunachal: IFCSAP welcomes Droupadi Murmu’s selection as prez candidate


Arunachal: IFCSAP welcomes Droupadi Murmu’s selection as a prez candidate. The Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) has welcomed the decision of the BJP. NDA government to nominate tribal woman Draupadi Marmo as its official candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.

The IFCSAP, the state’s largest body of local religious groups, said the NDA had taken a bold Decisions. Move by NDA fielding a tribal woman as the party’s candidate for the prestigious post. Demonstrates deep concern and commitment. Government is for the inclusion and development of all sections of society.
“By selecting a tribal to hold the highest office in the country, the NDA alliance has envisioned a sympathetic Indian society as it could also become India’s first tribal woman president,” IFCSAP said.

The society said Marmo, a tribal woman, had always had a difficult life.
She lost her husband and two sons one after the other but bravely faced all such difficulties to serve the backward sections of the society. IFCSAP said she was the first tribal woman to hold such a prestigious position in the country.

The Arunachal Vikas Parishad (AVP) has also lauded Marmo’s selection as the official candidate for the presidency.
The AVP said it recognizes Marmo’s election as a historic moment in the long-term impressions of the country’s 120 million citizens.

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