Ao community celebrates Moatsü festival in traditional manner

Ao community celebrates Moatsü festival in traditional manner

Kohima: Celebrating unity, Moatsü festival was celebrated in Chuchuyimlang village on May 2 showcasing a variety of cultural performances from various neighbouring tribes including the Konyak, Chang and Phom tribes.

The festival also marked the laying of foundation stone of the Yaküki HiEERA Devt. Project Pvt Ltd by Kekhrievor Kevichusa, IPoS, Commissioner & Secretary, Department of Industries and Commerce, who graced the occasion as the special guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Kevichusa said the celebration of Moatsü is not just limited to cultural shows but is an occasion for community bonding while adding that the friendship and unity that is exhibited here should be a lesson for the whole of Nagaland.

He also stated that the laying of the HiEERA project’s foundation stone is significant since it is the first time a village has come forward and provided a comprehensive vision of what type of development they would like to see in their village.

Highlighting the problem of development in the state, Kevichusa mentioned that the picture of development in Nagaland is mostly of failures mainly because the projects were way ahead of their time, when people were hired from outside and the local community and the state was not ready for such development.

“The biggest issue is unemployment, and if we rely solely on the government, the problem will never be solved,” he said. “The only solution for us is to ensure that gainful developmental projects are implemented and successful in villages like Chuchuyimlang, and that the HiEERA project will be one of the pioneer projects that will ensure economic development and independence,” he further added.

He stressed on community bonding for economic development and for marching ahead in the development agenda and encouraged the communities to push the government for better services, transparency and completion of projects.

P Tokugha Achumi, Director, Industries & Commerce and Arnab Chakrabortty, Director, Empretec India foundation also gave short speeches. In the cultural extravaganza, various cultural items were performed by Yongpi village, Ukha village, Yaongyimchen village, Unger cultural troupe, Aroju club and 7 Buba Kosasanger Sungpo Zunga, Chuhcuyimlang. A Moatsü medley was performed by the Chuchuyimlang Students’ Union.

A Moatsü fest open concert was also held in the evening with Sunep Lemtur as the main artist.

Yaküki HiEERA Devt. Project 
Yaküki HiEERA Devt. Project Pvt Ltd, Chuchuyimlang has earmarked two projects at the moment which consists of establishing two manufacturing units- an athleisure apparel manufacturing unit which will produce clothes using local materials like bamboo and other fibres and a fortified fruits manufacturing units which will be supported by Empretec India Foundation.

Empretec India Foundation launched its flagship programme HiEERA (High Impact Entrepreneurs from Emerging Regions of Action) to cater to the needs of high-impact (both high-potential and high-performance) entrepreneurs who are looking to scale up and integrate their enterprises into local, regional, national, and global industry value chains. The programme includes both culture and linkage-based interventions.

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