Another ULFA (I) freedom fighter with a hand grenade surrendered

Another ULFA (I) freedom fighter with a hand grenade surrendered

Guwahati: A United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) freedom fighter surrendered before the Army in Dibrugarh on November 4, 2023, handing over a live hand grenade.

The surrendered freedom fighter has been identified as Madhav Chetia, also known as Suraj Asom, hailing from Disangmukh, Sivasagar.

Sources confirm that Madhav Chetia had joined the ULFA-I in 2021 and decided to lay down arms, choosing the path of peace.

Following his surrender, he was promptly handed over to the police by the army for further legal proceedings.

This development comes on the heels of heightened efforts to maintain peace and security in Assam, as nine members of the banned militant outfit, United Liberation Front of Asom (Independent), left their camp on October 18, 2023, for an abduction mission in Tinsukia district.

The group, assigned this task, included key members like Mriganga Asom, Nabajit Asom, I-wan Asom, Ban Asom, Bonjit Asom, Uma Asom, Nanu Asom, Latest Asom (alias Kulang Moran), and Gopal Asom (alias Polash Moran).

Two of these members, Polash Moran (alias Gopal Asom) and Kulang Moran (alias Latest Asom), decided to abandon their mission and surrendered before the police.

Polash Moran surrendered on November 1, while Kulang Moran, who was tasked with tracing Polash Moran, followed suit on November 4.

During the subsequent interrogations, security forces made substantial recoveries.

These included six AK rifles, one HK, a grenade launcher with 20 shells, one pistol, and one hand grenade. These recoveries will undoubtedly aid in ensuring the safety and security of the region.

In a separate incident on November 2, another ULFA(I) freedom fighter, Kunal Moran, also known as Letes Axom, surrendered to authorities at the Tinsukia district superintendent of police’s office. Kunal Moran had joined ULFA(I) in 2018, but his decision to surrender and return to mainstream society is seen as a positive step towards lasting peace in the region.

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