Angmai group political remarks on Naga issue rejected by NSCN(K)


Kohima: The NSCN (K) has firmly rejected the recent political remarks made by Angmai group which the rebel group claim to have been expelled, published in local media. The organization expressed regret that individuals who have long abandoned their national commitment still feel emboldened to speak on the Naga struggle.

The NSCN (K) considers these individuals unqualified to discuss Naga sovereignty and nationalism.
The NSCN (K) stated that they have dealt with these individuals patiently, giving them ample time to recognize their mistakes while being cautious of the advantages this situation gives to their enemies. Despite this, the expelled members have stubbornly maintained their positions.

The NSCN (K) criticized Angmai for not following in the footsteps of their late Chairman S.S. Khaplang, noting that if he had, the current situation could have been avoided. The organization emphasized their commitment to the legacy of past Naga leaders, including Khaplang, whose vision was to free Nagas from oppression rather than fighting amongst themselves.
The NSCN (K) acknowledged Angmai’s long service and his potential to further Khaplang’s legacy but lamented that his personal weaknesses have hindered his national service. They accused Angmai of negating Khaplang’s revolutionary principles by causing division and fratricide.

They also stated that Angmai has chosen the wrong path and group to revive his political career.
President Yung Aung clarified that he holds no personal grudge against Angmai or other expelled members, noting that their expulsion was due to political differences. He warned that these differences, if unchecked, could have a significant negative impact on the People’s struggle.
The NSCN (K) alleged that the expelled individuals are now pursuing their own interests, aligned with habitual defectors, and are working to turn eastern Nagaland into a conflict zone.
They criticized these individuals for aligning with the Indian government’s peace efforts, claiming their actions are driven by contempt and greed rather than political principles.
The NSCN (K) highlighted that after Khaplang’s death in 2017, some members deviated from the group’s main course, leading to significant disagreements and the expulsion of senior members, including Angmai.

They emphasized that, due to the unique political conditions of the Nagas, the NSCN (K) has never aligned with Myanmar’s Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) because of differing political ideologies.
The organization urged the Nagas to understand that they are at a critical stage in their struggle and must adapt to the changing geopolitical landscape. They stressed that their revolution is about truth, determination, and sacrifice, and that it is not the time to become complacent.

Their struggle, they asserted, is for complete freedom, not a plea for peace and development.

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