An amazing place Senapati Manipur

An amazing place Senapati Manipur

An amazing place Senapati Manipur


Senapati is one of the best destinations in Manipur because of its natural beauty, like lush green valleys, rivers, sensational streams, and Blue hills. It is a wonderful district of Manipur. Senapati is blessed with diverse flora and fauna, which is a joyful experience. This place is 80% covered by the forest, and you can spot some rare plant and animal species during your trek to this place. There are many herbs like Many Elsholtzia Ciliata, Abrus precatorius Linn, and Adiantum flabellulatum Linn.

History of Senapati

The state is situated in the northern part of Manipur, bordering the west District. The district came into existence in 1969 and was known as Manipur North District. In the past, it was a part of Manipur’s state, one of India’s longest-lived kingdoms. Most of the culture and traditions of the people developed during this time. The place was named after Senapati Tikendrajit Singh, who belonged to the royal family of Manipur. Legend has it that it was here that Senapati Tikendrajit Singh welcomed British Political Agent Major General Sir James Johnstone on his arrival in Manipur. The young prince later fought valiantly against the British when they tried to seize the rulership of Manipur in 1891. After assuming power, Bahadur Shahzad was sentenced to death. Thus, a new chapter in the district’s history began as it became an important location for the British to consolidate their empire in the Far East of the subcontinent.

Tourists Places in Senapati

There are many tourist spots in and around the town of Senapati and other district places. They include Maram Khulan, Yangkholan, Mao, Liai, Makhel, Prol, Kabru Mountain, and Hodo Koid Beshu. A vast number of People from the outside of the country and from inside the country and the world visit this place and are amazed by the various tourist attractions that this place has to off.

Culture and lanugae of Senapati

Many communities comprise the population of the Senapati district and town, and among them are Tangkhol, Maram, Kuki, Zimai, Waife, Chiru, Chauthe, and Meti. Each of these communities has a distinctive lifestyle in terms of their clothing and local cuisine. Christianity is the dominant religion in this place. There are also followers of traditional religion, which is close to Hinduism, and followers of Islam all live in peace and harmony. Among the languages spoken here are Amul, a Chinese Tibetan, and Methi.



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