Amit Shah’s remarks on state’s situation, Kuki Inpi condemns

Amit Shah’s remarks on state’s situation, Kuki Inpi condemns

Imphal: Kuki Inpi Manipur, a prominent Kuki organisation, has strongly criticized Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s recent statement during the parliamentary monsoon session on the situation in the state.

Kuki Inpi Manipur in a statement termed Amit Shah’s comment as extremely sad and disappointing.
It added that the ongoing unrest and violence in Manipur cannot be attributed to the ‘inflow’ of Kuki people into the region, as suggested by the Union Home Minister.

According to Kuki Inpi, the Meitei community’s fears about the ‘invasion of Kukis’ are fueled by “jealousy and animosity”, with no concrete evidence to support these claims.
The statement added that Kukis living outside Manipur have no influence on the unrest in the region.

The organization criticized both Union Home Minister and Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh for making “biased statements” without any concrete empirical evidence.
He further said that such statements are not only hateful and senseless but are also likely to increase tension within the state.

He also claimed that these statements had the effect of denying the history, origin and identity of the Kuki community.
The organization said that Amit Shah has offered cookies at the altar of N Biren Singh.

Kuki Inpi Manipur spoke of an alternative perspective on the ongoing situation, highlighting the impact of developments in Myanmar.

It said the intensification of the pro-democracy movement in Myanmar has given rise to the threat of Valley-based Insurgent Groups (VBIGs) operating from Myanmar territory.
These groups, engaged in subversive and anti-national activities within Manipur and India, can no longer rely on the protection of the military junta.

As a result, pressure is mounting on the Manipur government to give shelter to these VBIGs, resulting in the government allegedly misrepresenting the role of the Kuki community, KIP said.
He accused Chief Minister N Biren Singh and organizations associated with him of launching a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Kuki community, with the aim of increasing Meitei’s influence across Manipur.
The KIP also expressed alarm at portraying the Kuki community in a negative light and demanded proof and an apology from the Union Home Minister if their claims could not be verified.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah in his statement claimed that the tribal community in Manipur are citizens of Myanmar.

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