Amid tension DMCC Meitei body asks ECI to defer Lok Sabha polls

Amid tension DMCC Meitei body asks ECI to defer Lok Sabha polls

Imphal: The Delhi Meitei Coordinating Committee (DMCC), comprising various Meitei organizations, has penned letters to both the Election Commission and the Chief Justice of India, urging them to postpone the Lok Sabha elections in Manipur due to the ongoing ethnic turmoil in the region.

Scheduled for April 19 and 26, the elections for the two parliamentary seats in Manipur, Inner Manipur and Outer Manipur, have raised concerns, particularly regarding security in the latter constituency, where polling will occur on both days.

In their petition submitted on April 1, the Delhi Meitei Coordinating Committee (DMCC) cited multiple reasons for the proposed delay, including the escalation of conflict and law enforcement challenges, backed by media reports documenting the unrest.

Comprising organizations like the Delhi Meetei Forum (DMF), Delhi Meitei, Liklam Ngakpa, Sanamahi Laining, Eramdam Manipur, and the International Meetei Organisation, the DMCC highlighted the persistent ethnic violence in Manipur since May 3 of the preceding year, causing extensive physical, psychological, economic, and political harm to the populace.

The DMCC’s petition, unveiled to the media on Wednesday, coincided with a visit from an Election Commission team to Imphal to assess the state’s readiness for the polls. While senior state officials assured the EC team of their preparedness, the team also conducted field inspections.

According to the DMCC, the ongoing conflict between the Meiteis and the Kuki-Zos has resulted in the loss of 221 lives, with Meiteis, Kukis, and other communities bearing the brunt. The economy has suffered significantly, with widespread unemployment and soaring consumer goods prices. Additionally, Meitei farmers have faced obstacles in cultivating their paddy fields due to persistent attacks by Kuki militants.

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