Amid fears of division, Nagas in Myanmar rejects border fencing

Amid fears of division, Nagas in Myanmar rejects border fencing

Kohima: In response to the Indian government’s recent announcement to end the Free Movement Regime (FMR), the Nagas of the eastern region have strongly condemned what they call the oppressive decision to fence off and divide Naga villages, farms and ranches between India and Myanmar.
The move, which is claimed to be justified by divisive policies, is seen as a blatant violation of Naga sovereignty, rooted in their historical existence.
An official statement from Naga Students Organization (NSO), HQ. Lahe Town, Sagaing Region, Myanmar, pointed out that the imaginary border drawn by India and Myanmar in the heart of Nagaland in 1953 is unrecognized and illegal according to the Naga people and the international community.
Firmly engaged in the struggle for independence from the aggressive clutches of India and Myanmar, the NSO said the Nagas asserted that their struggle for self-determination is determined, unwavering, and will continue until the aspirations of the people are fulfilled.

It said, the Free Movement Regime (FMR), unilaterally established by India and Myanmar, is met with outright rejection by the Nagas. Any attempt by the governments in Delhi and Naypyidaw to control the free movement of the Naga people within their homeland is expected to face fierce opposition and robust retaliation.

The Nagas staunchly affirms their inherent right to move freely across their fields, farmlands, and villages without the imposition of passports or visas.

India’s recent decision has drawn widespread condemnation from various quarters, with the NSO asserting that India, as a signatory to the Universal Human Rights Law, should reconsider its actions and allow the Naga people the freedom to make choices and live unencumbered.

The NSO strongly condemns the statements made by Imkong L Imchen and Temjen Imna Along regarding the FMR. The organisation said the integrity of these individuals is now under scrutiny, and clarification is sought on whether they have compromised Naga rights to gain favor with the BJP government, potentially marking them as traitors in the annals of Naga history.

The Nagas under Myanmar-occupied Nagaland view themselves as victims of the Naga National cause, and any such statements from people’s representatives are deemed deeply shocking and intolerable.

The Nagas in the East, who have stood true to their common goals alongside their brethren in the West, make it unequivocally clear that any betrayal will not be forgiven by their ancestors for generations to come, the statement read.

While extending its solidarity with Naga Organisations that have condemned Delhi’s divisive policies, the Nagas under Myanmar-occupied Nagaland call upon all Naga Civil Societies and Leaders, especially those on Indian-occupied Naga Land, to unite and oppose any laws that threaten the rights of the Naga people. United, the Nagas shall overcome someday, it said.

NSO said that this condemnation echoes the Lahe Declaration, a testament to the collective will and determination of the Naga people in Eastern Naga Land, reflecting their unwavering commitment to the promotion of their cultural identity, territorial integrity, and the pursuit of peace within the Naga Homeland.

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