Amid fears of clash 10 tribal MLAs not to attend Assembly session

Amid fears of clash 10 tribal MLAs not to attend Assembly session

Imphal: All ten (10) tribal MLAs of Manipur are set to skip the one-day session of the state assembly on August 29.

Ten Kuki-Zo-Hmar MLAs from Manipur, including two ministers in the state cabinet, have cited security concerns for their decision to skip the assembly session.
Two Ministers of Manipur who belong to Kuki-Zo-Hmar communities are Letpao Haokip and Nemcha Kipgen.

Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) leader Ginza Vualzong said all tribal people, including ten Kuki-Zo-Hmar MLAs, are afraid to visit Imphal, the capital of Meitei-dominated Manipur.
“None of the ministers, MLAs and leaders from Kuki, Zumi and other tribal communities are willing to visit Imphal due to security reasons,” ITLF leader Ginza Wolzong said.

Meanwhile, ten Kuki-Zumi-Himar MLAs from Manipur on Friday (August 25) hit back at Chief Minister Brain Singh, saying that they have been the Chief Minister of Manipur since the violence broke out in the state on May 3. There is no contact.
The claim by Manipur’s Kuki-Zo-Hmar MLAs comes in response to Manipur CM Brin Singh’s remarks that he is in touch with the state’s Kuki-Zo-Hmar MLAs.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Thursday (August 24) said that he is in touch with legislators from the Kuki-Zo-Hmar community and will provide adequate security for them to attend the assembly session on August 29 in Imphal.
Manipur’s 10 Kuki-Zo-Hmar MLAs are demanding “separate administration” for tribals living in the state’s hill districts.

Reacting to Biren Singh’s statement, Manipur’s Kuki-Zo-Hmar MLAs on Friday (August 25) claimed that they had no contact with the chief minister since the communal violence erupted in the state on May 3.
On the other hand, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has asked the Coordinating Committee on Integrity of Manipur (COCOMI), an umbrella organization of several valley organizations belonging to Manipur, to talk to “responsible Kuki leaders and groups”. Start a conversation to restore peace in the conflicted state.

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