Along Assam-Manipur border, 3 Naga National Council radical held

Along Assam-Manipur border, 3 Naga National Council radical held

Imphal: Assam Rifles and Cachar Police on December 18 successfully apprehended three militants associated with the extremist Naga National Council (NNC). The operation, led by Superintendent of Police Numal Mahata targeted Kroulong and Nandailung villages along the Assam-Manipur border, approximately 60 kilometers from Silchar.

The three apprehended NNC cadres have been identified as Sarjan Pouning Rongmai (45), Dituodayang Rongmai (41), and Namjaorei Gangmei (41). The coordinated effort, based on precise inputs from Assam Rifles’ Silchar-based Field Intelligence Unit (3FID DGAR) aimed to neutralize the growing threat posed by the NNC insurgents in the region.

The operation unfolded following heightened activities by the Naga National Council (NNC) insurgent group, particularly after the recent gunfight on December 12, resulting in the death of former NNC member Guidingchuangpao Rangmai. The intelligence units, on high alert, closely monitored Kroulong and Nandailung villages, leading to the successful apprehension of the three militants.

Superintendent Numal Mahata commended the joint efforts of Assam Rifles and Cachar Police stating the significance of intelligence sharing and collaborative operations in maintaining regional security. The arrested individuals are currently in police custody, and further investigations are underway to unveil any additional links or activities related to the Naga National Council.

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