Ahead of President visit, launch of NCERT textbooks postponed

Ahead of President visit, launch of NCERT textbooks postponed

Shillong: Meghalaya’s education minister Rakkam Sangma on Wednesday informed that the launch of NCERT textbooks scheduled for January 16 has been postponed due to the President of India’s proposed visit to the state.

The launch is tentatively rescheduled to January 25.

Sangma added that the books will be made available by this month with the start of the new academic year. “The NCERT textbooks will be adopted for subjects like English, Maths and Science for this year, since it requires less editing and adapting,” the education minister said.

For social science edition, he said that certain parts would be deleted for which a committee would be formed to edit and add local contents. This exercise would be done this whole year, added Sangma.

The education department will make it mandatory to use prescribed textbooks of the MBoSE. “This year we may not be able to completely implement it but surely next year adoption of NCERT in MBoSE textbooks will be compulsory,” said Sangma.

The Meghalaya government on Wednesday cautioned of strict action against the trend of proxy teachers in the State.

Informing that in many government schools the trend of proxy schools is happening, Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma said the State government will ensure that this does not take place. He said that the officers have been instructed to conduct regular inspections.

Acknowledging that there may be a few teachers who have lost interest in teaching, he said that for such teachers, it is better that they quit and take VRS and pursue where their interest lies.

He called upon the teachers in the State to shoulder the responsibilty of imparting quality education to produce quality individuals and a quality future.

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