Against Meitei outifts and state officials ITWF writes open letter

Against Meitei outifts and state officials ITWF writes open letter

Manipur: The Indigenious Tribal Women’s Forum (ITWF) of Manipur wrote an open letter to Kuldiep Singh, Security Adviser to the Manipur government on May 25, accusing state officials of supporting and enforcing the ban on Meitei radical organizations. It was demanded to take appropriate measures against. these groups.
The letter expressed concern over the portrayal of village guards as militants and the lack of action against perpetrators of violence against Kukizo tribes.
In the letter, the ITWF expressed surprise at Singh’s categorization of village guards as aggressors while ignoring the extensive damage caused by Meitei mobs such as Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun. They stress the need for accountability for the atrocities against the Kukizo community, pointing out the lack of action against the perpetrators and their unrestrained presence in Imphal city.
ITWF calls for immediate action to resolve the underlying issues between the two communities and ensure justice for the victims. They demand the abolition of state police and state police commando posts in Kukizo areas for their alleged involvement in ethnic cleansing.
The forum also emphasizes the need to ban Meitei radical organizations and hold N Biren Singh (CM) and Sanjaoba Leisemba (MP) accountable for allegedly supporting these groups.
The open letter highlights the importance of establishing and implementing strong security measures to protect the village of Kukizo. It calls for combing operations to dislodge Meitei militants from destroyed Kuki villages and confiscate illegal firearms.
The ITWF also demands accountability from deputy commissioners for issuing backdated gun licenses and calls for appropriate legal action against state forces involved in collaborating with the Meitei mob.
The forum calls for the arrest of those involved in vandalism, looting, burning of houses, churches and vehicles as well as rape and murder. It emphasizes the need for urgent action to tackle the recurring incidents of fires targeting Kuki settlements and villages.
The letter concludes with a request to ensure that the killers are identified and prosecuted to send a clear message against such acts of violence.

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