Against iniquities on Kuki-Zo community, ITLF holds a massive rally

Against iniquities on Kuki-Zo community, ITLF holds a massive rally

Imphal: The Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) today organized a “public rally against atrocities on Kuki-zo tribals” in Churachandpur district.
Tens of thousands of protestors from all corners of the district marched from three locations – Kawnpui Public Ground, Muolvaiphei Public Ground and Pearsomun Public Ground to Tuibong Peace Ground near the Deputy Commissioner’s office, chanting slogans against the state government and investigations by investigative agencies. demanded. Atrocities cases against tribals by Meitei community.

The rally was organized against the barbaric practices in which innocent Kuki-Zo civilians are killed by mobs and the cherry-picking of cases by the police and central investigation agencies such as the CBI and NIA against minority tribals. At the expense of the majority Meitei community is appeased. .
While cases of accusations against Kuki-Zo tribesmen are quickly picked up and immediate arrests are made, including trials.
Tribal victims are either not picked up or are held back indefinitely.
Further, the ITLF and the entire Kuki-Zo community have demanded that the CBI immediately investigate or expedite several cases.
“Several other innocent Kuki-Zo citizens were brutally murdered by the Arambai Tenggol mob because of their race.
The central government should recognize the situation for what it is – ethnic cleansing of minorities by the majority,” the release mentions.

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