Against India-Myanmar border fencing, ZORO calls for mass rally

Against India-Myanmar border fencing, ZORO calls for mass rally

AIZAWL: Zo Re-Unification Organisation (ZORO) in Mizoram has announced its plan to organize a rally on May 16 at the India-Myanmar border.

The rally aims to protest against the central government’s recent decision to fence the India-Myanmar border in the Northeast and scrap the Free Movement Regime (FMR) between the two countries.

This decision followed a meeting held at the ZORO headquarters at Treasury Square in Aizawl city of Mizoram.

The meeting was chaired by R Sangkawia, president of ZORO.

Discussions during the meeting centred on the potential ramifications of fencing the India-Myanmar border.

Members voiced opposition to the scrapping of the FMR, arguing that it signifies a divisive move that further ‘marginalizes’ Zo communities.

They reiterated their stance against the decision and announced plans for the rally to be held along the Myanmar border.

ZORO has issued a call to action, inviting all Mizo people and individuals from Myanmar to participate in the rally in solidarity.

Moreover, they have urged villages in India along the Myanmar border to actively join the protest.

This announcement follows a previous demonstration held in February at the Vanapa Hall premises in Aizawl city of Mizoram, where the NGO Coordination Committee (NGOCC) in Mizoram, consisting of five major NGOs, expressed staunch opposition to the scrapping of the FMR.

During the demonstration, hundreds of protestors spanning various age groups assembled, brandishing placards bearing slogans such as: “We don’t want border fencing.”

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