After ULAF-I strike call on Republic Day, Security in Assam on alert

After ULAF-I strike call on Republic Day, Security in Assam on alert

Guwahati: The Assam Police has expanded security across the state in front of the 74th Republic Day festivities on Thursday.

Senior Assam Cops in all regions have been approached to be watchful to thwart any rebellious exercises by assailant outfits.

Assam’s boundaries with Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh are under severe security reconnaissance, especially Changlang in Arunachal Pradesh and Mon in Nagaland which borders Myanmar.

Watching by the Public authority Rail route Police (GRP) and Rail route Security Power (RPF) has additionally been moved forward to keep scoundrels from laying out snares on trains or rail route tracks.
Watching of public thruways, spans and significant establishments has likewise been increased.

All doors and ways out of Assam’s capital Guwahati have been fixed and all vehicles, including traveler transports, are by and large completely checked.
Tight security has been set up at the primary Republic Day occasion scene at the Khanapara Veterinary School jungle gym in Guwahati where Assam Boss Clergyman Himanta Biswa Sarma will spread out the tricolor at 9 am on January 26.
Strikingly, two prohibited extremist associations – Joined Freedom Front of Assam (ULFA-Autonomous) and Public Communist Chamber of Nagaland/Legislature of Individuals’ Republic of Nagaland (GRPN) have required a general strike on January 26. Engaged Blacklist Republic Day festivities.

Giving a joint proclamation on Tuesday, ULFA-Free and NSCN/GRPN have required a “all out closure” on January 26 from 12 am to 6 pm.
Talking about the ULFA-I’s require a blacklist of the Republic Day festivities, Assam DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta said, “We are extremely careful as usual and I’m certain it will work out positively for individuals’ collaboration. “Our readiness is exceptionally extreme and we are investigating every possibility. Indeed, there are a few difficulties in Assam as usual and I’m certain we are after it.
“This is generally to be expected about the blacklist call given by specific gatherings. The times of blacklist in Assam are finished and individuals will go against it, that is exceptionally clear and we don’t have to return. .Be that as it may, we will keep a sharp watch, we are keeping a sharp watch and individuals of Assam are not permitting something like this, I mean there will be no more viciousness,” the Assam DGP added.

Arrangements for the 74th Republic Day festivities are in definite stages all over Assam.

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