After polls results in Karnataka CM Sarma says BJP will not win

After polls results in Karnataka CM Sarma says BJP will not win

Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday claimed that he already knew that the Congress would come to power in Karnataka as it is the mood.

He said it was a foregone conclusion that the BJP would not do “so well” in Karnataka.

“In the last election too, Congress formed the government in Karnataka. After a while, we (BJP) came into being there”, he added.

The Assam chief minister added, “Well, it doesn’t matter who wins where or who wins, the bottom line is that Narendra Modi is the prime minister.”
It should be noted that Himanta Biswa Sarma had criticized the Congress party during the campaign for the Karnataka assembly elections on May 1.

CM Sarma said that the Congress party will not win any election for the next 100 years.

“I don’t think Congress can do anything. Nobody should think that Congress will come to power. Congress will not win for the next 100 years,” the Assam chief minister said.
The Chief Minister of Assam was addressing an election rally for the BJP candidate from Tumkur assembly constituency in Karnataka.

“This constituency (Tumakuru) is a symbol of corruption and incompetence of the Congress. Today, most of the 342 villages do not have drinking water and roads,” the Assam chief minister said.

“We want to make it the most efficient constituency in Karnataka,” he added. That is why we have fielded the best candidate because we want to serve the people of this constituency.
It may be noted that till 3 pm it had won 48 seats and was leading on about 89 seats. A total of 137 seats were up for grabs for the Congress.

With this trend continuing, there is a possibility that the Congress will form the government without any coalition.

It is also informed that selected candidates may be transferred to classified posts soon.

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