After Nagaon : Surviving only on water, 6 orphans saved.


On Wednesday, Childline Nagun rescued six children whose parents had been arrested in connection with the arson attack on the Batadraba police station in Assam’s Nagun district on Saturday.
The operation was called after several journalists in the area highlighted the plight of children displaced by Saturday’s incident.
The children, who were released after their parents were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the violence, have been living in dire conditions since Sunday, surviving only on water.

Of the six children rescued, two are children of Rafikul -ul-Islam, the brother of fishmonger Mahfooz-ul-Islam, who was allegedly killed in police custody. When Rafiq was arrested, his wife, Ashmina Khatun, fled the village, leaving their two children to fend for themselves.

Authorities bulldozed his home on Sunday.
According to one of the locals, when other locals refused to shelter them, the children took their own for fear of being arrested or, worse, for demolishing their homes in the style of other alleged arsonists. Saved

Batadraba is in the headlines when an angry mob set fire to a police station in the area on Saturday in protest of the alleged death of Mahfouz-ul-Islam, who was allegedly arrested while intoxicated.
Reacting to the violence, the Nagaon administration on Sunday bulldozed the homes of five people suspected of being involved in the arson attack on a police station.

Innocent children are also on the verge of recovery. It is suspected that there are more children who are left without parents, homeless and hungry.

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