After Mizoram, cases of African swine fever have now been reported in Tripura.


AGARTALA: Cases of African swine fever (ASF) have been detected in Tripura after Mizoram, state livestock department officials said.

“On April 7, three samples were sent to the North Eastern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (NERDDL) in Guwahati for testing. On April 13, we received the last PCR report confirming that all the samples were positive. Even the symptoms of the pigs that are now on the farm indicate that an infectious disease has already entered the farm, “said a senior animal department official.

A total of 63 pigs have died in the last few weeks, forcing the department to take necessary action.

An official of the ARDD department said that task forces have been formed to deal with the situation.

Prior to the outbreak, the farm’s pig shed contained 265 adult pigs and 185 pigs.

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