After ITLF, Young Kuki body to boycott upcoming Lok Sabha polls

After ITLF, Young Kuki body to boycott upcoming Lok Sabha polls

Imphal: Young Kuki, which represents Kuki youth as well as Kuki volunteers in the outer Manipur Lok Sabha constituency, has announced its decision to boycott the 18th Lok Sabha elections in 2024.
Additionally, Kuki Mothers, another faction of the tribal organization, has announced a boycott of the elections.
The decision came a day after the Presidential Council of the Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF), which, after discussions with member tribes in its constituency, reached a consensus that no one from the Kuki-Zo community Also the member will not file nomination for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2024.
This decision has been taken in light of the current challenges faced by the community.
However, the Council strongly encourages all members of the community to exercise their democratic right to vote in elections, while refraining from contesting for the seat of the Outer Manipur Member of Parliament.
The press release read, “The Presidential Council of the ITLF in consultation with the member tribes of its constituency has agreed that no member from the Kuki-Zo community should file nominations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections considering the situation we are facing.
The decision of ‘Young Kuki’, representing the Kuki youth, to boycott the elections, following claims that the Kuki tribes were facing indifference and injustices, particularly the violent incidents after the 3 May 2023.

“The Kuki tribes continue to endure violence, oppression, and neglect from state authorities. The issues driving this decision include persistent violence and impunity, devastation and displacement of over 41,425 individuals, unchecked weapons violence, insufficient aid for displaced Kukis, unredressed crimes against Kuki women, and defamation by state officials. The Youth Kuki faction is urging the Government of India to address these issues. The boycott serves as a plea for attention to the community’s plight.

The Youth Kuki faction remains committed to constructive dialogue and urges the Government of India to engage in meaningful discussions to resolve these concerns”, stated the Young Kuki faction in their press note.

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