After couple fatal death, CPIM MLA criticizes BJP-led Tripura govt

After couple fatal death, CPIM MLA criticizes BJP-led Tripura govt

Agartala: Jitendra Chaudhury, the Leader of CPIM in Tripura, criticized the state government on Thursday for failing to address the welfare and development needs of tea garden workers.

Chaudhury, who is also an MLA, made this statement after visiting the Mekhlipara Tea Garden in the Tripura West District, where a mud wall collapse resulted in two fatalities early Wednesday.

During his visit, Chaudhury spoke with reporters, condemning the lack of tangible progress in the past six years despite numerous promises for the welfare of tea workers and the tea industry.

“There has been only rhetoric in the name of welfare for tea workers. They continue to live in huts that were built during the Left Front government, which now require urgent maintenance and replacement. Unfortunately, nothing has been done,” said the CPIM MLA.

Chaudhury recounted the incident, explaining that heavy rain caused a portion of a mud wall to collapse, killing one person instantly and another on the way to the hospital.

He added that a four-month-old child is currently in the ICU with a skull fracture, receiving medical care. The District Magistrate (DM) and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) have visited the site and extended assistance to the affected families.

The CPIM leader criticized the BJP government for failing to deliver on promises made for the welfare of tea garden workers, including land allocation, housing improvements, and wage hikes.

He emphasized that despite the announcements, no substantial action has been taken.

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