Abduction of 4 Naga girls from condemn by Naga people’s union

Abduction of 4 Naga girls from condemn by Naga people's union
Imphal: The Naga Peoples’ Union in Imphal has strongly condemned the abduction of four Naga girls. According to information received from the victims, a group of armed individuals forcibly kidnapped four Naga girls who were working at a beauty parlour in Imphal.
The victims include two Anal girls, one Lamkang girl, and one Aimol girl. The perpetrators, demanding a ransom of approximately Rs 3 to 4 lakhs, targeted a beauty parlour owned by a woman from the Anal Naga tribe.
The incident took place on December 12, 2023, at Khongnang Ani Karak, near India Bazaar, Imphal, as reported in a press release by the Naga Peoples’ Union.

The incident transpired at approximately 12 noon on the mentioned day, where the proprietor and her three staff members—a total of four individuals—were apprehended from their beauty parlour by a group of 10 to 12 armed personnel arriving in two vehicles.
They were forcibly taken to the hillside areas of Sowambung and Sekta. The armed individuals threatened them, demanding a ransom of Rs 3 to 4 lakhs. The ultimatum conveyed was that failure to comply would result in immediate harm, even death.
Subsequently, local friends intervened, engaging with elders and leaders in the area. Following these interventions, the four Naga girls were eventually released around 6 pm in the Sekta locality.

One of the reported victims, identified as an Aimol girl, suffered physical assault and severe beatings, resulting in visible injuries. Currently, she is receiving medical treatment. Even after their release, the armed individuals continued to harass them through phone calls, particularly targeting the proprietor of the parlour.
They demanded a specific amount within 2/3 days, threatening dire consequences if not paid. Fearing for their lives and safety, the parlour has been temporarily closed.

And whereas in a similar distressing incident that took place on the same fateful day of Dec 12, between 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm, a group of unidentified armed individuals, comprising three females and five males, brazenly abducted seven Naga girls from a beauty parlour near Vishal Mall in Chingmeirong, Imphal.
The armed miscreants stormed into the establishment, brandishing weapons, and proceeded to terrorize the staff, which included individuals from the Tangkhul, Maring, Mao, and Kabui communities.
With pistols drawn, the assailants forcibly seized mobile phones, Aadhaar cards, and captured photos and videos of the terrified victims. Under the constant threat of firearms, the staff, including the manager and proprietor, were coerced into descending to the ground.
Subsequently, they were forcefully ushered into a Gypsy vehicle, which transported them to the remote jungle of Sekta in Imphal East district. Upon reaching the jungle, the assailants unleashed a horrifying physical assault on the proprietor and manager, employing gun butts, sticks, and other lethal means.
Abduction of 4 Naga girls from condemn by Naga people's union   Abduction of 4 Naga girls from condemn by Naga people's union
The victims were subjected to merciless beating, kicking, and stamping, with threats of potential gun violence against their lives. The assailants demanded a hefty ransom of Rs 5 lakhs from the beauty parlour located in Chingmeirong, ultimately extorting Rs 2 lakhs from the traumatized victims.

Local authorities are currently investigating the incident, and residents are urged to remain vigilant as the search for the perpetrators intensifies. The victims, having undergone a harrowing ordeal, are receiving medical attention, while the community awaits justice for this reprehensible act.
In connection of the incident, the Naga Peoples’ Union strongly condemns the criminal activities and ransom carried out upon the innocent Naga girls who are running a beauty parlour.
And also such similar incident happened in Imphal city to many beauty parlours run by Naga ladies were threatened for ransom and some were forced to pay the amounts they demanded in some thousands upto lakhs of rupees so far.
The NPUI humbly appeals to those armed miscreants to kindly stop harassing Nagas girls who are running beauty parlours in Imphal and in the valley areas too, to avoid creating up of any kinds of misunderstanding between Nagas and Non-Naga communities in Imphal and Manipur and also urges the state government.
The governor of Manipur and the home ministry, govt of India to seriously and immediately look into the incidents at the earliest possible by implementing a proper Law and Order to protect innocent life and properties and not to harm our Naga girls in future.
Abduction of 4 Naga girls from condemn by Naga people's union
As a result, Nagas engaged in various businesses such as shops, beauty parlors, hotels, and vendors, whether small or large, face a significant threat in Imphal and the valley areas of Manipur.
This threat stems from forced ransoms, demands, taxes, donations, and other forms of monetary coercion imposed by armed miscreants, leading to frequent kidnappings. Consequently, the safety and security of the Naga population residing in Imphal and the Manipur valley are compromised.
The Naga People’s Union Imphal urges everyone to remain vigilant and alert in light of these dangers. This continuous harassment, torture, discrimination, and similar acts against the Nagas may be construed as indirect warnings, amounting to life threats in Imphal and the valley areas of Manipur.
Consequently, innocent Nagas live in a constant state of fear and experience violations of their human rights in these regions. In response, the Naga community calls on all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) of non-Naga communities to provide assistance and support, fostering peaceful coexistence in the future through mutual understanding and kindness towards one another.

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