A woman was tied to a pole and beaten in a bazaar in Meghalaya.


Shillong: A woman was tied to a pole in a market in Jowai , Meghalaya and police were forced to launch an operation for allegedly picking her up, officials said on Friday.

An anonymous video of the incident went viral on social media on Friday. It shows a woman being taken into a shed by unknown individuals during the day, asked questions and then tied to a pole amidst satire from spectators.
Children, teenagers and women on the scene were seen making fun of him.

Her shawl and her bag, which she was seen carrying in the shed, could not be seen in the video as she was being tied to a pole or later.

An officer and a team from the women’s police station in the area have been sent to investigate the matter, a senior police official told PTI. Everyone seen in the video will be called in for questioning.
He said that the culprits would be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Meghalaya police, which was tagged with Chief Minister Konrad’s Sangma, said on Twitter that @Jowai_Police has taken action in this regard. However, no details were given.
The man who posted the photo of the woman tied to the pole said the matter was reported to the West Jentia Hills District Superintendent of Police on Thursday.

“I hope the perpetrators will be dealt with and the woman will be safe and rehabilitated,” she said in her post.

Agnes Kharshiing , a women’s rights activist, condemned the incident.

“We demand the immediate arrest of all those involved in the violence against women,” he told PTI.

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