A series of Bomb blasts jolt part of Tamulpur, Livestock killed

A series of Bomb blasts jolt part of Tamulpur, Livestock killed

Assam: A series of low-intensity bomb blasts caused panic among residents of Assam’s Tamulpur on Friday afternoon.

The explosions took place in the Sukanjali Firing Range No. 1 Paharpur village, which is located near the Indo-Bhutan border.
A man working in the field while talking to journalists said that I was cutting wood when suddenly a bomb fell near me, I panicked and left the ax and ran towards my house. There were also bombs. One near my house and the other in the paddy field.”

He added that by the grace of God I am safe.
According to sources, it was all part of the training that went awry. The coconut plantations of two families in Bum village were reportedly hit when they missed the intended target. The bombs fell on the gardens of Santosh Subba and Raju Musahari.
Another resident said, “We have formed a land protection committee and sent repeated requests not to practice these blasts without taking safety precautions.”

“There were laborers who were working on the construction of the house. Fortunately, they were called in to have breakfast and they dropped the bomb,” he added.
It should be noted that many livestock including birds and cattle were killed in the unusual explosions.

In February last year, a low-intensity blast in Assam’s Tamulpur caused panic.

The blast occurred near the Sukanjuli firing range at No. 1 Paharpur along the Indo-Bhutan border. However, no casualties were reported.
According to reports, the blast was caused by a malfunction that occurred during a training session of the 31 Field Regiment of the Indian Army.

Allegedly, the house of one Parameshwar Hazdar was destroyed in the blast. His family members, including seven children, luckily survived.
Soon after this, Indian Army officials reached the spot and apologized for the incident. He has assured the villagers to rebuild the house which was destroyed.

Later, the police reached the spot and brought the situation under control.

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