8th season of Northeast Int’l Fashion Week to begin from Jan 27

8th season of Northeast Int’l Fashion Week to begin from Jan 27

Guwahati: The NorthEast International Fashion Week (NEIFW) is all set to take place on 27th and 28th January 2024 at South Point School Campus, Guwahati. Organized by the Creative People team under Prasantt Ghosh, the fashion show aims to create awareness about animal shelters, senior animals and adopted animals.
The eighth season of NEIFW promises to be more glamorous as renowned fashion designer Prasantt Ghosh is all set to spread social awareness through fashion.

Ghosh has acted in shows in India and countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Nepal. He has also received several awards for his work.
NEIFW provides a platform for designers to showcase their unique designs and promote fashion to people from different parts of the Northeast.

The objective of the event is to create brand awareness among the public and media about the North East fashion industry.

One of the highlights of NEIFW 2024 is the participation of aspiring fashion designers from all over the Northeast, as well as from neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

The event will also feature an impressive lineup of designers and models from Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.

NEIFW has become a landmark event, positioning the Northeast as the latest fashion destination for designers from neighbouring regions. The event not only promotes the region’s rich handloom crafts and heritage but also creates a positive impact on society.

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