34 villages of Lohit and Namsai on alert due to devastating floods

34 villages of Lohit and Namsai on alert due to devastating floods

Itanagar: Continuous rainfall over the past five days has pushed all rivers in Namsai district and Wakro circle of Lohit district beyond their danger levels, impacting a total of 34 villages. The Water Resources Division official, C J Mannou, issued a warning today highlighting the severe flooding that has ravaged communities across the region.

Kamlang river’s overflow into Barreng river and Tengapani river’s surge into Tiyang river have compounded the situation, posing grave threats to villages along their banks. Additionally, Jengthu and Noa-Dehing rivers are also flowing perilously high, exacerbating concerns of potential bank erosion.

Efforts are underway by local authorities to mitigate risks and safeguard residents. Mannou urged Deputy Commissioners of Namsai and Lohit to enforce stringent precautionary measures, advising villagers to remain vigilant and refrain from approaching river banks to avert any untoward incidents.

The affected villages span Wakro circle in Lohit district, including Wakhetliang, Manyuliang, and Pukhuri, and various circles in Namsai district encompassing Kherem, Pankhao, Memey, and others.

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