249 churches burnt in Manipur clashes Archbishop of Imphal claims

249 churches burnt in Manipur clashes Archbishop of Imphal claims

Manipur: Amid clashes between Manipur’s Meitei and Kuki communities, “a religious attack has been effectively carried out”, Archbishop Dominic Lumon of Imphal wrote in a letter on Saturday.
Recording at least 10 alleged incidents of attacks on institutions under the Catholic Church since the violence began, he claimed that 249 churches belonging to Meitei Christians were destroyed within 36 hours of the violence. has been destroyed.
“Amazingly, in the midst of the fighting between the Kukis and the Meiteis, why did the Meitei mob burn and destroy 249 churches in the Meitei heartland? How is it that there was an almost spontaneous attack on the church in the Meitei territories themselves? And how did the crowd know where the churches were located if it wasn’t planned in advance? He claimed.
In his account, he links this to the revival of Sanamahism, the indigenous religion of the Meiteis, and the emergence of groups such as the Arambai Tenggol and the Meitei leepun.
“Some pastors have been instructed not to rebuild churches. Minorities are being systematically silenced. Isn’t this another ‘Ghar Wapsi’?” he claimed.
He also questioned the role of the government and the armed forces in the failure to maintain peace in the state. “Even after a month and a half, the elected government of the state and the center have not been able to restore the rule of law in the state and stop the rampant violence.
It is fair to say that the constitutional machinery is collapsing in the state. One wonders why presidential rule is still not an option,” he wrote.
“It is difficult to say whether the state forces were outnumbered or overwhelmed by the SOS or were complicit. The absence of security personnel in places where they were most needed raises questions that vex.
If there was sincerity, why was it that even in one place of attack the state force was not able to stop the affairs from going on for long. Why is it that even after attempted attacks, unsafe places are kept unsafe? He wrote more.

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